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Ciaté Antique Brooch


Normally I'm very basic when it comes to nail polish. I mostly wear one color on my nails, and don't experiment that much. But when I saw this beautiful glitter polish by Ciaté, I thought it would be something different for once. It's called Antique Brooch and it's a rose golden shade with chunks of golden glitter. Although the chunks are quite big, it did apply nicely, and looked opaque after about 2-3 coats. The cool thing about this shade it that it looks different depending on the lighting. Sometimes it has a more golden tone and other times it looks like a champagne shade. It did chip on me after about 3 days, so the lasting power could be better. Aside from that, this is the perfect nail polish for the upcoming holiday season! It also has the most adorable packaging ever :)

Ciaté Antique brooch is available online for €9,95 (13,5ml).


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