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Beauty Buffet Nail Enamels


I know I've been going on and on about this one brand Beauty Buffet, but I'll be trying out a new Asian brand very soon! I got so much makeup stuff from Thailand that I decided to try them all brand by brand, otherwise it'll get too confusing. I got these 2 beautiful nail polishes from 'The Bakery' collection, and they're absolutely stunning! The only problem I have with the packaging is these doesn't have names on them, only numbers. The light purple one is in the shade '71' and the burgundy/brown one is in the shade '46'. 

The colors of these nail polishes are beautiful, but they didn't apply as nicely as I thought. The consistency is very watery, which makes the application a little bit more tricky and also streaky. They didn't really apply evenly, especially the darker one, and you need more then 2 coats for them to look even and opaque. What I do love about these is the large brush, and the fact that they don't take forever to dry. My favorite one out of these 2 is definitely the light purple! 

These nail polishes aren't bad, but the consistency isn't my favorite. So far, I have liked every single product I tried from this brand, but the nail polishes just weren't as good as the other products I tried. I did my best to find an online shop that sells this brand, but it's like impossible to find for some reason! I'll keep on looking :)


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