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Beauty Buffet Macaron Eye Shadow in 'Chocolate'


As you could've guessed, there will be a lot of posts coming up all about Asian beauty products. I wanted to start off with an eyeshadow from Beauty Buffet. Beauty Buffet is a brand that has its own shops in Asia. My mom bought some of their products in Thailand, and they look soo adorable! This eyeshadow is shaped like a macaroon and not only that: I love the quality! The prices of this brand are right up there with Catrice, or maybe just a tad bit more expensive. I got another shade called 'Earl Grey' for Christmas, but I already used it so I can't show you how it looks. I did use it in the last picture :)

So starting of with the packaging: how cute is this? 'Cute' is a word I will use like crazy in these Asian beauty posts, because everything is just so cute! At first, it comes in this adorable plastic packaging that reminds me of pastries. After opening it up, you see a little macaron! Once you open up the macaron, you get to the best part: the eyeshadow itself. The macaron is light and compact, which is perfect for traveling. It does feel a little bit cheap, but I don't mind that at all.

Chocolate is a medium-toned brown/bronze shade with micro golden shimmer in it. It is the perfect crease-color, but it would also look amazing all-over the lids. 

When I first swirled my finger into this shadow, I was so surprised. The powder feels super soft and buttery. The swatch looks amazing and it blends onto the skin like a dream. The formula of this eyeshadow is actually one of my favorites so far! It also stayed on my eyes the entire day, without creasing or any fall-out whatsoever. 

Wearing 'Chocolate' in the crease and 'Earl Grey' on the eyelids (both from Beauty Buffet)
To be honest, I wasn't expecting that much since the cuteness of the packaging was already enough for me to love it. But daaaamn, the quality of this eyeshadow is actually superb! It's so soft and smooth, blends beautifully, and stays in place all day with quite some pigmentation, love!! 

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