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Asian Face Masks ♡


Hi loves! My mom went to Thailand a while back, and she brought a lot of beauty-related stuff for me, which was really sweet of her. She bought a few makeup items, and a lot of face masks. I had heard so many good things about Asian face masks, so I asked her to pick a few of them up. Aside from the quality, Asian beauty items always seem to be packaged in the most adorable ways ever. I love the cute designs of these face masks, and above all, I love how they feel on my skin. So far, I have only tried the black heads cleansing clay mask (black packaging), and I was so impressed with it. It was a peel-off mask, and it really pulled all the dirt out of my pores. After using this, I can't wait to try out the other ones!

Do you have any experience with Asian beauty products??

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