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Tarte Pigment Of Imagination Deluxe Cheek Set


I placed an order on sephora.com not so long ago, and this little set from Tarte was one of the things I got. It's called the 'Pigment of Imagination Deluxe Cheek Set' and it comes with a travel size cheek stain and a travel size Amazonian Clay 12 hour blush. I adored Tarte's set for the holidays from last year so much that had to get this one as well! It was also relatively inexpensive, which is another reason why it ended up here.

The first thing you get in this set is a cheek stain in the shade Fantasy. Fantasy is a shimmery champagne rose-golden shade. And when I say shimmery, it is shimmery!! The pigmentation of Fantasy is perfect and it blends onto the skin very nicely. What I like to do is dab my fingers on the stain, then dab it onto the tops of my cheeks, almost where I would apply highlighter. I make sure to powder my face after applying this stain, certainly not before because it wouldn't look good. Then I top it off with the blush, also from this set.

The cheek stains by Tarte have a very distinct scent that reminds me of anti-mosquito spray, if you know what I mean. However, the scent doesn't linger on.

The second thing from this set is an Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush in the shade Mirage. Mirage is pale shimmery pink. It is more subtle and less pigmented then I thought it would be, which is a bummer, I really had to build up the color. But as I mentioned before, I love to use Mirage on top of Fantasy and they make a perfect combo for beautiful, healthy looking and glowy cheeks! 

This set is a perfect little christmas present for any girl that likes makeup! Normally Tarte is quite expensive but this set retails for only €8,50 (6,3g) on sephora.com

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