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MUA Amaretto Crush


I have found a new nail polish that I'm obsessed with! It's called Amaretto Crush by MUA. When I first saw these nail polishes in store, the packaging reminded me a lot of Essie nail polishes, only a lot smaller. Since it is so small, it wasn't the easiest to apply. The brush is tiny and therefore you need to go over your nails with a lot of strokes before they're fully covered. It only needed 2 coats to look opaque though, so that's good. The drying took a bit long, I had to wait at least an hour before doing anything, otherwise they were ruined. 

Amaretto Crush is a muted dusty pink. It's super pretty and wearable all year round. 

MUA Amaretto Crush nail polish is available at Kruidvat or online for €2,49 (6,2ml).


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