Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencils

5 november 2014 | 8 comments

As a teenager, I used to wear eyeliner on my waterline on an everyday basis. I hated the way my eyes looked without it. But it's been a few years since then, and now I love wearing eyeliner on my eyelids just above my lashes. Another way for wearing eyeliner that I've been really liking recently is applying them just under the waterline. I love using color for that, especially burgundy and green shades. I think it's super pretty and very Fall and Winter appropriate! When I saw these new eyeliners by Essence a while ago, I was really impressed with how the swatches stayed in my hand even when I tried to rub it off. So you can imagine I purchased two of them, and now I'll be sharing my thoughts on them!

Ms Money Penny is a shimmery champagne golden shade. It doesn't really have those chunks of glitter in it, but more of a velvety and shiny finish. This eyeliner is great for the waterline of for highlighting the inner-corners of your eyes.

Berry Merry is a dark purple/plum shade. Again, it doesn't have chunks of glitter in it, but a velvety finish. Berry Merry is more matte than Ms Money Penny, it has a semi-matte finish. This one if perfect for lining just under the waterline, close to the bottom-lashline. It would also look amazing as a regular eyeliner, or applied on the waterline. 

The quality of these eyeliners is super amazing. They're very creamy and soft, yet they stay in place perfectly, so they're definitely long-lasting! I think both of these shades are perfect for Fall/Winter and I'm super happy I bought these two!

Wearing 'Berry Merry' just under the bottom lash-line.
I was really surprised by the quality of these eyeliners, considering how low-budget they actually are. The Essence Long Lasting eye pencils retail for €1,59 each (0,28g). They're available at kruidvat, in stores and online.

8 opmerkingen

  1. Ik ben ook wel fan van deze potloodjes! Ik heb er een aantal en vooral de gewone bruine en zwarte gebruik ik heel regelmatig. Berry Merry ga ik me ook aanschaffen denk ik, inderdaad heel mooi voor de onderste wimperrand

  2. Gave kleurtjes, ze zien er inderdaad goed uit!

  3. Nog nooit geprobeerd, zulke potloodjes! Misschien toch maar eens doen, prachtige look!

  4. Berry Merry is een heel mooi kleurtje!