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Chanel Camélia De Plumes Highlighting Powder


With every new season we get an overload of new collections hitting the stores. And with Winter coming up soon, there are a lot of holiday collections to be admired. The holiday collection from Chanel was one that caught my eye the most, in particularly one product. I'm talking about the highlighting powder in 'Camélia De Plumes', which intrigued me from the minute I saw it appear on other blogs and advertisement. It's one of the most beautiful highlighters I had seen in a very long time, and for ones, it wasn't the typical warm-toned highlighter I already own a thousand times. It's one of the first cool-toned highlighters I own, and let me tell you this: I looooove it! 

With Camélia De Plumes comes a little applicator that is really soft and actually useful for once. It also comes with a pouch, to protect your (expensive!) compact from scratching. Once you open it up, you'll see a very large mirror inside, and you'll be able to admire the most beautiful print ever: a Camelia flower, which apparently was Coco Chanel's favorite flower. 

Camélia De Plumes is a light cool-toned pearly shade with a luminous shine. It doesn't have chunks of noticeable glitters in it, just a beautiful sheen. Although it looks very cool-toned on the swatches and in the pan, somehow it looks a bit warm once applied to the cheeks. It doesn't turn gold or yellow at all, it just adds a beautiful pearly, yet not too cool dewiness to the cheeks. 

The pigmentation is amazing, and the formula is absolutely divine. Not too powdery, very soft and super easy to blend onto the skin. It stays in place the entire day and doesn't have the typical rosey Chanel scent, which can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.

Camélia De Plumes is one of the prettiest highlighters I own. Not only does it look amazing on the skin, the print of the powder itself is also really charming. The quality is absolutely amazing, it's blendeable, soft and stays in place the entire day.

The Chanel 'Camélia De Plumes' limited edition highlighting powder is now available at Chanel counters for €50,40 (8g). Now I know that's very pricey (but normal for Chanel), but if you're willing to splurge on something this season, definitely consider this amazing powder!

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