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Sephora Haul + Update ♡


Hi lovies! I'm so bummed about the fact that I couldn't post anything this week :( I started school again on September 21st and since then I haven't been able to write articles frequently, which really sucks. Even-though the semester has just started, I've been so busy with school already. I had this big assignment due this past friday, which we only knew about 3 days in advance. That took up pretty much my whole week, which is why I couldn't post anything. And although I won't be able to write articles frequently, I will try my best to post as much as I can!

On another note, me and my mom placed an order on sephora.com last week. The package arrived so quickly, about 2-3 workdays later, which is insane! I purchased two items, the Becca 'Opal' highlighter and a Bite lip duo. The rest all belongs to my mom, but of course she'll have to wait until I reviewed all of these products before she'll be able to use them hehe! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!

PS: The winner of my give-away is Lieselot Vandemeulebroucke and she has been notified by email! If you didn't win don't worry, there will be more of these give-aways coming up very soon.

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