MAC 'Whirl' Lip Pencil

15 oktober 2014 | 10 comments

My stash of lip pencils is slowly but surely growing and it has become my newest obsession. As I have mentioned previously, I used to hate lip pencil and I never understood why people would wear them. But now I have almost all the staple colors: red, nude, vampy,... But there was one color in particular that has been on my wish-list for so long now, which is Whirl by Mac. Apparently, it's this lip pencil that Kylie Jenner always uses to create her 'iconic' lip color. 

The packaging of Mac's lip pencils is very basic and 'professional looking'. You do need to sharpen them, but I don't mind that since it is more hygienic. There's also an indication to the color at the bottom of the lip pencil, which always comes in handy when you're digging through your collection. 

Whirl is definitely more reddish toned then I imaged it would be. I thought it would be a little bit more taupish/mauve. But nonetheless, I love this color! It's more of a spicy mauve, and in some lights and paired with the right lipstick, it definitely looks like the Kylie Jenner lip.

Mac's lip pencils are no joke when it comes to lasting power. These liners won't move one bit and you could easily wear them for hours if you're a little bit careful. Therefor, they aren't super soft and creamy, they're a bit drying actually. But since I rarely wear lip liners on its own (mostly paired with a lip balm or another lipstick), I don't mind that at all.

Mac's lip pencil in Whirl is available at MAC counters and online for €15 (1,45g).

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  1. Wat is hij mooi! Ik wou bij MAC eens zien voor een nude lippotlood, maar deze hou ik ook in gedachten :)

  2. very nice!!

    x Maria
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  3. Wat een prachtige kleur! Hier hoor ik veel Youtubers over maar niemand laat dan zien hoe het staat, ben blij met je artikel! x

  4. Oh wauw! Als ik iets op mijn lippen draag heeft het vaak zo'n kleur. Wat een beauty!