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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette


Hi loves! In today's post I'll be talking about the new Hourglass blush palette that came out not so long ago. It's a limited edition palette with 3 blush shades, 2 of their best-selling shades and 1 limited edition shade that is exclusive to this palette. I have tried their blushes before, and let me tell you something: they are freaking amazing! That's why I had such high hopes for this beautiful palette, and I can tell you right now, it lives up to the expectations. 

The blushes come in a sleek bronze/gold packaging. The palette itself is quite compact and feels very sturdy. The simple design is typical Hourglass, and I quite like it. It has a big mirror inside, and no annoying and useless brushes that take up extra space. As I have mentioned, this blush palette comes with 3 blush shade. Luminous Flush and Mood Exposure are part of their permanent range and you can buy them separately. Incandescent Electra is a limited edition blush that's exclusive to this palette. For a palette, the size of the blushes is quite impressive. You get 3 times 3,3g, which is pretty good for a palette. 

I love the shades they picked to make this palette: all very wearable, with hints of shimmer and a sheer finish. Although all 3 of the shades are pretty much on the same color-scale, I still think there's enough variety. You get:

Luminous Flush: a champagne rose.
Incandescent Electra: a cool-toned light peach shade.
Mood Exposure: a soft plum that's perfect for Fall/Winter.

The quality of these blushes is simply superb: they apply and blend on the cheeks so smoothly and they add such a dewy and healthy looking flush to the skin. Not only that, they also stay on the cheeks the entire day, doesn't matter how long your day is, they'll stay in place! 

Luminous Flush / Incandescent Electra / Mood Exposure
Luminous Flush / Incandescent Electra / Mood Exposure
Wearing 'Luminous Flush' on my cheeks
I know I probably say this a lot about blushes, but I love these! It takes a lot for me to hate blushes, I am well-aware of that, but they are simply gorgeous and the quality is amazing. This palette is limited-edition and on the pricey side: $58 (9,9g), but in my opinion, it's worth the splurge (available here). You get 3 beautiful blush shades, that stay on the cheeks the entire day, and this palette will last you an eternity!

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