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Fall Favorites Tag!


You all know how much I adore Fall, and so when I saw this tag pass by on a few blogs, I couldn't pass it up. In the Fall Favorites Tag, you share all your favorite food, drinks, accessories,... I thought this tag was pretty fun so I decided to do it as well. Of course I tag all of you to do this tag as well! Here are some of my favorites for Fall:


My favorite tea of all time would be green tea with jasmine. I can never get enough of it! But for Fall, I also love chai tea and apple with cinnamon tea. 


Pumpkin Spice Lattee for sure!!! #PSL


Lately, I've been obsessed with Turkish pizza, don't ask me why! I love it so much more then regular pizza, and it's cheaper and less greasy. Plus it also tastes way better in my opinion. Me and my friends always order it, it has become our thing haha. 


Reese's peanut butter pieces. They're american candy, but they're soooo delicious and way better than the regular peanut butter cups.


I like a big and cosy scarf that keeps me warm during the day. It doesn't really matter to me which one, it just has to be big and cosy and fluffy and soft!


My black leather jacket. I think it looks so chic and it's very Fall appropriate. I also love to layer during the Fall season, and my leather jacket is perfect for that!


For Fall, I love a pair of combat boots. I've been wearing my black Steve Madden ones non-stop, I love how effortless and edgy they look! But I also love my new shoes I got from Topshop, although they're not really Fall appropriate.


Winter Candy Apple by Bath & Body Works. Ohhhh myyyyy this is the best scented candle in the history of candles!! 

Lipstick color

I think vampy/plummy lips are so beautiful during the Fall time. I especially love Sangria by Milani, but a good nude lip is also a safe option!


Parisienne by YSL is the perfect Fall scent if you ask me!


I love to go the movies ones it gets a bit colder. I also read a lot more during Fall/Winter because there's nothing I love more then cuddling up in my bed with a good book and a cup of tea :) Another thing I love to do is go to cute little cafes with some friends.

What do you love about Fall??


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