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Essence How To Make Brows Wow Make-Up Box


As I have mentioned a few posts back, I purchased the make-up boxes by Essence on my recent trip to Germany. I have enjoyed these boxes so much since then, and after reviewing the 'How To Make Nude Eyes' box, it's now time for the 'How To Make Brows Wow' make-up box. There are 5 make-up boxes in the permanent Essence range, and I got my hands on 3 of them. You can find these exclusively at Kruidvat stores with extra-large Essence stands, which by now there are a few of in Belgium.

The make-up boxes by Essence have the most adorable packaging ever. I love the design, and the fact that they don't feel cheap at all. They're actually quite sturdy. The 'How To Make Brows Wow' box comes with 3 brow shades, a highlighting shade, tweezers, a dual-ended brush, a large mirror and a 'how-to' chart, which is ideal for beginners.

This brow box comes with 3 brow shades: Love Blondes (for blondies), Love 'Em All (a universal shade) and Love Brunettes (for brunettes). Now here's the thing I don't like about most drugstore brow powders: they're too dark. Which is also the case with this palette. That's why I paired Love Blondes and Love 'Em All for my brows, even though my hair-color is quite dark. Despite that, the powders worked just fine. They fill in my brows perfectly, they look natural and match my natural brow-color pretty nicely. I also used Lift Me Up! as a brow-bone highlight, and I like it. It's subtle yet noticeable. I didn't use any of the brushes that this box comes with, since I prefer my daily brushes for that.

This brow box by Essence is perfect for beginners and even for those of you who are already into makeup. The only thing that's really missing is some sort of wax or gel, either of those would've this little box perfect. Nonetheless  the powders are really good quality and you get 2 tools that can really come in handy. You can purchase the 'How To Make Your Brows Wow' make-up box at Kruidvat or online for €5,99 (6g), which is super budget-friendly!

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