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Catrice Eyebrow Filler Perfecting & Shaping Gel (Gimme Brow Dupe?)


When it comes to brows, I have my go-to products and I don't really experiment much. One of my all time favorite eyebrow products is the Gimme Brow by Benefit, which let's be honest, is pretty expensive, especially for such a small thing. So when I saw that Catrice came out with a tinted brow gel that promises us the same thing as the Gimme Brow, I had to try it out and see if it was a dupe for the Benefit one.

The packaging is bigger than the Gimme brow, as is the wand. Both brands have two different shades in their collection. Catrice offers us a taupish shade (020 which is the one I have) and a reddish brown. 

The color of this gel (020) is a taupish light brown. It's suitable for light to medium brows. Because the wand is bigger, it's less precise but also easier and faster. It does add a light and subtle tint to the brows, but as far as filling them in goes, Gimme Brow does a way better job. I didn't really notice much difference after applying this in volume and the 'bald' spots weren't exactly filled in. 

While I can use the Gimme Brow on its own perfectly, I like to use this one to top off any powder or pencil that I used on my brows. It does do a great job at keeping them in place and it adds a subtle tint.

I wouldn't exactly call this a dupe for the Benefit Gimme Brow, but it's a great eyebrow product nonetheless and it would suit a lot of brow-shades. The eyebrow gel by Catrice is available at select Kruidvat stores and online for €3,59 (6,5ml).

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