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Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow in 'Gold Trench'


It's been a while since I splurged on a makeup product. I've been trying out so many drugstore products, mainly from Essence and Catrice, but from time to time, I like to use a high-end product. So this time, I decided to try out a brand I was familiar with but never tried any of their products, which is Burberry. I had heard so many great things about their eyeshadows and finally got the chance to try one out myself.

Off course, we're starting off with the packaging, what's new?? The first thing I noticed is that it's quite heavy for a single eyeshadow, but that also means is sturdy. Their iconic 'logo' is noticeable on the front and ones you open it up you see a large mirror and small applicator-brush inside. The powder itself also has that same logo engraved into it. I think the packaging looks super chic and expensive (which is was!) and I like how it closes magnetically, it adds an even more luxurious feel to it.

Gold Trench is a light golden brown, almost like a nude/brown shade. There is some subtle shimmer noticeable in the pan, but once I swatched it that translated more into a velvety sheer finish, rather than a shimmery one. Gold Trench is the perfect crease color that I've been looking for for quite some time now. Off course, you could use this eyeshadow on your entire eyelids as well, or however you want to wear it for that matter, but I just prefer this one in my crease. It creates a beautiful depth and shadow, that goes really nicely with lighter shimmery shades. 

Although the swatch may not look that impressive, I loved the quality of the sheer eyeshadow. It applied better than it swatched, which is a rare thing, and it blended so effortlessly. Gold Trench stayed in my crease the entire day, without a hint of fading.

The packaging is very luxurious and chic, you even get a little pouch to protect your little shadow. 

I used stilla's 'Kitten' on the eyelid and Burberry's 'Gold Trench' in the crease. It didn't photograph as nicely as it looked in person though.

Gold Trench is a shade that I've been looking for for so long now and I'm so happy I got it! It was actually a present from my mom, which was super sweet of her. It is on the pricey side (€25 for 2,5g), but in my opinion, it was worth it. I know I'll be using it a ton, and I really like the quality, and the packaging. 

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