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W7 In The Buff Eye Colour Palette


W7 is a brand I was unfamiliar with, until I bought my first eyeshadow palette from them whilst I was on a little shopping trip in Amsterdam. I had heard so many amazing things about the quality of the shadows and it's supposed to be an exact dupe for Urban Decay Naked 2. Being a Naked-palette lover, I had to pick this one up and see if this really is a dupe for myself. 

Starting off with the packaging, I can already see the similarity. The colors used for the packaging are pretty much the same, as is the material. They're both made out of tin material. UD Naked 2 is a bit heavier and smaller but they both come with one dual-sided brush. UD Naked 2 has a big mirror inside, which W7 In The Buff doesn't have. As far as packaging goes, I really like it. I still prefer the UD one, but this isn't bad at all!

Some shadows swatched better than others. Especially Chocoloate (5th shade) was a pain in the butt to swatch. But overall, the pigmentation was relatively good. The darker shades did perform a little bit better than the lighter ones though. I didn't experience any fall-out during application, which can happen with the UD shadows. I did have to build up most of the colors, but they did blend nicely together. 

The shadows match the UD ones perfectly but I still prefer the quality of UD :)

If you're on the market for dupes of the Urban Decay Naked palettes, I would definitely check this one out! If I didn't own the UD one, I think I would have loved this palette a little bit more, but since I'm already used to the amazingness of UD, I wasn't really that impressed by it. But that doesn't mean it's no good or that I hate it, on the contrary! 

UD Naked 2 / W7 In The Buff 

Although the shadows didn't perform as nicely as UD shadows do, this is a pretty good dupe! The pigmentation is pretty amazing and the colors look very similar. Even the packaging is definitely inspired by UD. I bought my palette at DA in the Netherlands for about €7,50 (can't remember the exact price but it was something like that) and for that you get 15,6g.

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