My Makeup Geek Eyeshadows + Zpalette

7 september 2014 | 8 comments

I have heard so many amazing things about the Makeup Geek eyeshadows (and brushes and blushes) that I had to get my hands on them at some point. I finally placed an order about less then 2 weeks ago and now I finally own 10 of her shadows! For those of you who are unfamiliar with Makeup Geek, it's a brand founded by Marlena from Makeupgeektv. She's quite famous on Youtube, and she launched her very own company not so long ago. Her business has gotten so big, bigger than she ever imagined it would. A lot of the products are even sold-out on her website, simply because they can't keep up. She worked very hard (for about 3 years I think) to find the perfect formula for her eyeshadows and blushes, and I think it's definitely noticeable!

Makeup Geek eyeshadows retail for $5,99 and are available here. The shipping costed $12,42. The more you add to your basket, the more shipping you have to pay, so it's not a fixed price. My mom and I ordered on her website together and bought 21 shadows. With the shipping, we payed $138,21, which is about €106. When it arrived at our house, we had to pay an additional €35,70 for taxes and paper work (we knew we had to pay about this amount, so it was no surprise). That made our whole order cost €141,70. I know that sounds like a super ridiculous price, but considering we bought 21 shadows, it all came down to €6,74 for each shadow. That is about half of a MAC eyeshadow, and I think the quality of these is even better. 

I would really recommend ordering with a friend, or multiple friends, that way you can split the shipping costs and extra taxes/paper costs. But try to stay under €150, otherwise you have to pay even more for the paperwork, I think the price even doubles. 

My mom bought 11 eyeshadows, and I bought 10 of them, which I'm about to show you right now!

Beaches & Cream: A warm creamy/peachy matte shade. (available here

Shimma Shimma: A metallic champagne color. Similar to Mac's Shroom but a little more shimmery. (available here)

Glamorousa shimmery golden/bronze shade with a copper undertone. (available here)

Cosmopolitan: A shimmery rose/gold with orange/copper undertones. It reminds me of glamorous Hollywood and it's a great dupe for Mac's Expensive Pink. (available here)

Frappé: A warm matte caramel brown. (available here)

Cupcake: A muted pink with a matte finish. (available here)

Unexpected: A matte and pale mauve/pink with brown undertones. (available here)

Prom Night: This is quite a unique shade. It's a light purple with a shimmery finish and grey undertone. The color can very depending on how the lighting falls. (available here)

Cocoa Bear: A matte reddish brown. (available here)

Bitten: A warm red with a matte finish. (available here)

As you can see, the swatches are pretty amazing. Of course, the shimmery shades were a bit more pigmented than the matte ones, but overall, I'm really happy with all of them. They're really creamy, smooth and not too powdery. My favorites are definitely Beaches & Cream, Shimma Shimma and Bitten. So if you're going to order shadows off their site, definitely consider these ones!

You can buy Makeup Geek blushes and eyeshadow in their compacts, or in the pan. The difference is about $2. They offer Z palettes on their website, but I bought mine on for about €20, along with my Lime Crime lipstick. I ordered the large Z palette, which would fit about 26 of these shadows. The Z palette comes with a bunch of magnets you can stick to any depoted eyeshadow or blush you would like but the Makeup Geek pans don't need an extra magnet, they're already magnetic as it is.

I'm really pleased with my Z palette. I love how it has the see-through cover and how you can fit about any shadow of blush in this. The only thing I don't really like about it is that it gets super messy, I have to clean it after every single time I use this. Or maybe I just have OCD haha.

I just absolutely love personalized cards like these, it makes you feel a bit special, even if it is a huge company that ships worldwide. Oh and btw, Dominique is my mom's name!

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  1. oh wauw, wat heb je mooie kleuren uitgekozen! Ik ga binnenkort ook wat oogschaduws bestellen van Makeup geek. Heb er al teveel goeds over gelezen en gezien :)

  2. The eyeshadows look so pretty and the colors are pigmented. And price range is reasonable compared to Michelle phan (YouTuber) makeup line

  3. Prachtige kleurtjes zitten ertussen! Ben zelf ook heel benieuwd naar MUG oogschaduw maar de dounakosten steken me toch tegen ;p

  4. Ooh wat een prachtige kleurtjes ! Hier zou ik ook wel eens iets van willen bestellen :D x

  5. Oehh heel erg mooi! Alleen jammer dat ze in het buitenland verkrijgbaar zijn en dan die extra kosten (ik weet dat het dan nog goedkoper is dan MAC maar daar koop ik er ook niet zoveel van haha) x

  6. Oeh wat een mooie kleuren! Je moet er eens een look mee maken Eline! xx

  7. Wat een mooie oogschaduws! Jammer van al die extra kosten, anders had ik het meteen gedaan!