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Lime Crime 'Coquette' Lipstick


I have been wanting a Lime Crime lipstick for so long now, and now I finally own my first one! All their colors are very flashy and unique, but they do carry about 3 nude lipsticks. Of course, I bought one of the nude shades called Coquette and I'm so in love with it! 

Lime Crime lipsticks are known for their super cool and fun purple packaging. The shape and form is very similar to MAC lipsticks, only a bit bigger. The design on mine is a little bit different than their regular lipsticks since it's the 6th anniversary special packaging. It has a unicorn on it and it instantly gives me a happy-boost, just by looking at the packaging.

Coquette is a nude color with an orange undertone. The consistency is rather difficult to describe. It's not a matte lipstick, yet it's not shiny either. It's not hydrating, but it doesn't dry my lips out either. It doesn't apply as smooth as I would like it, but it does the job. It looks very creamy on the lips, but I wish the formula itself would be a little creamier. The pigmentation is quite intense and it looks rather opaque on the lips. The color is buildable and it stays on the lips for a really long time, about 4-5 hours. 

I do recommend using a lip-liner with this lipstick, it will make it look a little bit more defined and the color will look even more intense. Coquette is such a pretty color, I can't get enough of it! The scent is very similar to MAC lipsticks, as does the formula and like I said, the packaging.

Coquette is definitely a new favorite nude lipstick of mine. I adore the packaging, love how it applies very opaque and how it stays in place for hours. I do wish it was a little bit more hydrating but if that would bother you, you can simply apply a lip-balm underneath. Lime Crime Coquette is available online here for €15,65 (3,5g).

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