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H&M Spring Flower Blusher


Although Fall is just around the corner, I can't help but love all my bright blushes. I bought this one at H&M just a while ago, without thinking I would love it this much. It is the perfect blush for on-the-go and I love the color!

The packaging of this blush it white with a see-through lid. It opens up by pushing a little button. Underneath the blush, there's a big mirror and a little brush. That's why this is so perfect to travel with. It comes with everything you need to apply your blush perfectly and above all, it's very compact. The powder itself has this amazing relief-design. It has all these flowers 'engraved' in it, and I think that's absolutely adorable. 

Spring Flower is a dark pink, almost red. It has shimmer in it, but it doesn't have those chunks of glitter in it. It has orange, pink, red and a highlight color in and when you mix them all together you get this pretty dark pink blush. Much to my surprise, the texture of Spring Flower wasn't too powdery, it applied easily and it stayed on my cheeks for a good amount of time. After about 7 hours it did start to fade away a little, but since you can keep it in your purse, it's super easy to quickly touch-up if necessary. 

I think this blush is amazing and I would recommend it to all my drugstore makeup lovers out there! The H&M blusher in Spring Flower is available in select stores or online for €3,99 (6g!).

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