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German Shopping Haul!


Hi loves! Two days ago, I left on a little trip to Germany and now I'm back! I went to Oberhausen with my mom where we stayed the night. The first day we visited a couple of cute little German cities and shopped at Centro, one of the largest shopping malls in Europe. The day after, we went to Köln. I found so many amazing items that we can't get our hands on here in Belgium, I'm so excited to share them with you! Everything is so cheap in Germany, sometimes the price difference is insane. They also have lots of shops that I recognized from the US and that I've only seen in the US before. They had a T.K. Maxx, which is identical to T.J. Maxx in the US. They also had Dunkin' Donuts, like everywhere! I happened to stumble upon a Primark in one of the little cities we visited. It was such a quiet and nice Primark to shop at and I found so many amazing things! 

In Müller, which is similar to a huge Kruidvat (expect that they also sell expensive brands) I found these huge racks of Essence and Catrice, with a lot of items we don't have here in Belgium. They also sell lots of bio products, at a super low price. At DM, which is similar to Müller, but without the high-end brands, I found racks of P2, which is their 'house-brand'. I had heard so many amazing things about that makeup brand, so I stocked up on a few products as well. It was so cheap, even cheaper than Catrice. 

We bought a huge stock of shower gels and body lotions, simply because they smelled amazing and they were so cheap. Most of them were 55 cents!! 

You can expect lots of reviews about the makeup items and I would also keep an eye out, there might be a German giveaway coming soon! :)

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