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Essie Lady Like


Lady Like by Essie has been on my nails non-stop these past couple of days. It's such a pretty shade and I just had to show it you. I put this nail polish on my wish-list months and months ago and when I was shopping in Germany I saw that Essie nail polishes retailed for about €5 cheaper than in Belgium. And you know me, I love a good deal so I finally purchased it.

Lady Like is a creamy mauve/nude color. It is the prettiest nude shade I own, it looks very chic and would look flattering on almost anyone. It has a large brush but it did need 2-3 coats to look opaque. It's a shade that's wearable throughout the whole year and I'm really happy I decided to add it to my collection. 

Essie Lady Like €11,99 (13,5ml).


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