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Essence How To Make Nude Eyes Make-Up Box


If you would've asked me what my most-wanted drugstore makeup item was two weeks ago, I would've said the make-up boxes by Essence. I saw these for the first time a while ago on a German beauty blog and have been wanting to get my hands on it ever since. So whilst on vacation in Germany, I finally picked them up! I bought the 'How To Make Nude Eyes' make-up box, as well as the 'How To Make Face Wow' and 'How To Make Brows Wow' boxes. Today, I wanted to start off with the one I wanted the most, which is the 'How To Make Nude Eyes' make-up box. For those of you who have been wanting to get their hands on these as well, there's good news for you! They will be coming to select Kruidvat stores in Belgium and the Netherlands soon (the ones with the 3 meter stands), if they aren't available already! 

The packaging was the first thing that caught my eye. It's super adorable and pretty and it reminded me a lot of the Benefit World Famous Neutrals eyeshadow boxes. I love the colors they picked design-wise and also the shadows. This makeup box comes with a big mirror, a dual-ended eyeshadow brush and  two look charts.

This palette comes with 6 different neutral shades, ranging from beige to brown. The shadows are all shimmery and the darker ones swatched a bit better than the lighter ones.

Eye Light Beige: a light shimmery beige that's great as a highlight shade.
Go For Gold: a shimmery light brown/gold.
An Eye On Apricot: a light peachy/champagne shade, with shimmer.
All About Nude: a darker taupe/brown with shimmer.
Nude Night Out: a dark shimmery brown.
Team Nude: a medium shimmery brown.

One or two matte shades would've made this palette a bit more perfect for me. But despite that, the shadows blended nicely together and I think you could create a beautiful shimmery eye-look just by using this palette on its own. I did have to build up the lighter shades a bit (Eye Light Beige & An Eye On Apricot) but they blended nicely with the darker shades. I didn't experience any fall-out and the shadows stayed on my lids beautifully throughout the day.

Another great thing about this make-up box is the fact that it comes with two 'how to' cards. It has a daytime and nighttime look and it's great for beginners or for days when you don't have that much inspiration. 

Overall, I think this make-up box is great. The quality of the shadows was nice and I love how adorable the packaging is. If you're looking for intensely pigmented eyeshadows with a lot of color pay-off, then this would be a palette to skip but if you like natural/shimmery looking shades, this is the thing for you. Essence 'How To Make Nude Eyes' Makeup Box is available at select Kruidvat stores and online for €5,99 (4,2g).

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