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Topshop Wishlist ♡


I've been browsing through Topshop's website for days now, dreaming I had an unlimited budget. They have the prettiest fashion items ever and I wish I could order all of it! Unfortunately, they know their prices, most of their stuff is quite expensive. But nonetheless, a girl can dream! If I'ld ever order something from their site, it would probably be something from this wish-list. As you can see, my style is super simple and laid back. I like things that are comfy and easy to pair with other items. The white top has been on my radar for weeks now and I'm seriously thinking about ordering it. The Moto jeans is Selena Gomez' favorite jeans, she owns almost every single color. I would love to order a pair as well, but it's so tricky considering I don't know my exact size :( Anyway, just wanted to show you what's on my fashion wish-list! My beauty wish-list is way longer though haha! 

What's on your wish-list lately?


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