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Pupa Viva Carioca Luminys Blush 107 Tropical Breeze


I didn't know Pupa made limited edition collections until I was shopping at a drugstore in Italy. I saw this gorgeous collection full of vibrant and energetic colors named Viva Carioca. I didn't know what Carioca meant so I looked it up and turns out it's what inhabitants of Rio De Janeiro are called. I always love to learn new fun facts like that :) I grabbed one of the two blushes, Tropical Breeze. It's a "Like A Doll Luminys Blush". I tried one of those before and I have to say I quite enjoyed it.

Normally the packaging of the Like a Doll blushes are silver, but for this collection they replaced it with a fancy gold. This blush came in a box with a tropical and colorful design. On the box you can find some extra information, including an ingredients list.

Tropical Breeze is a bubblegum pink with golden shimmer. Just like the other one I tried from this line, it adds a beautiful glow to your cheeks. It blended effortlessly onto my skin and stayed there throughout the day. The formula is not too powdery and soft and it has amazing color pay-off.

I freaking love these blushes by Pupa, they're some of my favorite formulas ever! You can order this collection online here. The blush costs €14,75 an for that you get 3,5g.

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