New Rimmel Keep Calm Lip Balms

18 augustus 2014 | 8 comments

You guys!!! Rimmel came out with these new ADORABLE tinted lip balms and I can not contain my excitement. After the succes of the well famous Baby Lips by Maybelline, a few brands have come out with their own version of tinted lip balms. After Covergirl and Jordana, it's now Rimmel who jumped on the bandwagon. 

The packaging of the Keep Calm lip balms is super colorful and fun to look at. It feels really sturdy and I love the color-combination of every single one of them. They're shaped like regular lipsticks, making it super easy to apply them. I do wish they would go all the way down, because now if you're not careful, they get messed up easily. 

But really, just look at them, so pretty!! They are available in 5 different shades: Keep Calm and Shop, Keep Calm and Play, Keep Calm and Party, Keep Calm and Kiss and Keep Calm and Rock. I am so in love with the packaging and the names!

Keep Calm And Kiss (pink blush) is a soft pink. It's not that noticeable on the lips, it's almost like a regular lip balm, just with a little pop of pink color. Of course, the finish is shiny and sheer.

Keep Calm And Rock (berry blush) is a soft berry/red. This one is a little bit more intense then the first one and more noticeable. It leaves a pretty dark pink pop of color on the lips.

These balms are soothing and moisturizing and glide on the lips like a gel. They kept my lips hydrated for a couple of hours, even after the color faded away (which after 1-2 hours).

I find it really hard to describe the scent. It's a very distinct and overwhelming scent. I would say they smell like a candy perfume. Although it's a rather strong scent, it goes away relatively fast once applied to the lips.

I freaking love these lip balms!! They are perfect to throw into your handbag, that way you can make sure your lips are hydrated throughout the day with a little pop of color. Keep Calm and Rock is definitely my favorite out of the two I purchased, my new obsession! 

Rimmel Keep Calm lip balms are available at Rimmel counters (Kruidvat, di,...) for €3,49 (3,8g).

8 opmerkingen

  1. aah die heb ik ook gezien in de winkel, toen heb ik lang staan twijfelen of ik er eentje zou kopen, maar toch niet gedaan! Ik denk dat ik toch maar die 'keep calm and rock' ga halen.

  2. Ik had deze nog nooit zien staan, zo leuk! Ik wil er me ook wel zo eentje aanschaffen :)

  3. Wauw, die zijn leuk! Mooie kleurtjes <3

  4. wat een leukerds, ziet er goed uit ♥