New NYC In A New York Minute Quick Dry Nail Polishes

21 augustus 2014 | 11 comments

NYC nail polishes are some of my favorite budget-friendly polishes available at the drugstore. I love how easy they apply, how fast they dry and how long they stay on my nails. So when I heard they were coming out with 5 new shades for fall, I had to get some of those babies! I went for 2 polishes: a dark purple and a peachy one.

Parma Violet is definitely a fall color. It's a pretty dark purple that is absolutely perfect for Fall/Winter. 

Peach Popsicles is a peach/nectar shade, very summer appropriate and bright.

Apart from Parma Violet, the colors aren't really fall-ish. On the contrary: they're fun and colorful! They only needed two coats to look opaque and the quality is as good as the other ones I tried so far! Me like!!

The new NYC In A New York Minute Quick Dry Nail Polishes colors are now available at Kruidvat for €2,49 per bottle (9,7ml).

11 opmerkingen

  1. Beide hele mooie kleuren ik heb zelf nog helemaal geen nagellak van dit merk x

  2. Ik vind ze beide erg mooi,die paarse vind ik meer voor de herfst

  3. Allebei echt mijn ding, hele mooie kleurtjes!

    X Sara

  4. Oeh beide echt prachtig! Parma Violet is een echte herfst kleur, heel mooi!

  5. Hele mooie kleurtjes! Parma Violet is mijn favoriet! :)