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My Makeup Collection ♡ + Storage Ideas!


I took these pictures a few weeks ago and planned on uploading them right away but I didn't. I guess I was scared of what people would think but now that I've thought about it, I shouldn't. Makeup collections are some of my favorite things to watch on youtube and read about on blogs. They give me lots of organizational tips and I've learned a few things from them. So, that's why I'm sharing with you my own makeup collection. I definitely have waaay too much makeup, I don't think I'll ever be able to use this all up, but it's my hobby and passion. If you would be interested in seeing my collection and organization ideas, keep on reading!

I got my vanity, including the chair from Ikea and I'm super happy with it! I have it for almost 4 years now and I'm still pleased with my purchase. The main part of my collection is stored in the Alex 9-drawer case from Ikea. It's really practical for storing makeup and nail polishes. I use dividers from different places, mostly Hema and Zeeman. 

Here are a few links to wear you can find all of this:
Ikea Alex 9-drawer
Ikea Vanity
Muji 2 drawers narrow 
Muji 3 drawer unit

This is the left side of my vanity. The little pots are from Ikea and I keep my MAC Fix+, a brush cleaner and my brushes in there.
The left drawer of my vanity. In here I store my extra and clean brushes.
The right drawer of my vanity. Here I keep new makeup items that I still have to put on my blog and photograph.
Both of the clear acrylic drawers are from Muji. I store my newer products in there as well as my everyday makeup products.
Overview of what's on top of my Alex 9 drawer.
This is were all the products go that I'm currently testing out and still need to write a review on.
Some of my favorite lip products at the moment. I like to keep them displayed so I'll use them more often.
My favorite lip glosses and lip pencils.

I really hoped you liked seeing my collection and that you've maybe learned a few organizational ideas!

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