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Miss Sporty Instant Lip Colour & Shine


We haven't seen the end of chubby sticks yet! Even low-budget brands such as Miss Sporty have their own version. I spotted these whilst shopping in Sluis and thought they looked so fun and colorful, I had to take some home with me! As many of you may know, I am a lipstick/lip-balm junkie so I couldn't say no to these beauties!

The packaging is so cute! It reminds me of candy :) And what I love the most about the packaging is that these are twistable at the bottom! So no need for sharpeners. The pointed shape is also really handy when it comes to applying these. They're definitely a little bit thinner then regular chubby sticks, but I like how they don't take up lots of space. They are available in 6 different shades, and I grabbed 2 of them.

Candy Plum is a cool-toned purple shade. It's the perfect purple lip color for someone who is a little bit afraid of experimenting with lip colors since it's sheer and not opaque at all.

Playful Beige is a really nice nude color. It is quite sheer and not highly pigmented but it's great as an everyday basic color. 

I would say the formula of these is very lip-balm like. They're sheer and feel soft on the lips. They do add a pretty color to the lips, without looking opaque. Because of their shininess and the fact that they're rather subtle, these are great for on-the-go since they don't require a mirror for application. I did have to apply a couple of layers before the color really showed up how I wanted to and after about 2 hours you need to reapply these. Apart from that, these are truly amazing, especially for the price. Oh and the best part: they smell exactly like lollipops! 

I think these are amazing lip products, especially for a low-budget brand like Miss Sporty. They are definitely more like lip-balms then regular lipsticks, but that's what I love about these! I love me a fun tinted lip balm that doesn't require a lot of work or touch-ups or whatever.

Miss Sporty Instant Lip Colour & Shine is available at Ethos and for only €2,99 (1,1g) you can rock these yourself! Definitely check them out!

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