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MAC Sharon Osbourne Collection


As you may know, MAC comes out with lots of limited edition collections and once in a while they manage to spark my interest. Their new Osbournes collection definitely did. Both Sharon and her daughter Kelly came out with their own limited edition makeup items in collaboration with MAC and I got my hands on some of their products. I heard a lot of it was immediately sold out online but I was able to order a few things just when it released. I also went to MAC in Ghent and found some more products there. Today I'm starting with two items from Sharon's line.

The blush from her collection is called Peaches & Cream and it's a gorgeous soft to medium pink with subtle shimmer. The products from this collection come in a really bright red packaging with Sharon Osbourne's signature on it. 

Peaches & Cream has some subtle silver shimmer that gives you a luminous and dewy look. The texture is very soft and not too powdery, therefor it blended into my skin super nicely. The pigmentation was also on point and it lasted on my cheekbones the entire day! I definitely think I'll be wearing this one a ton throughout this month.

Refresh is the MSF from her line and I think this powder is an amazing duo! You get a gorgeous bronzer and highlighting powder in one. You can use them separately or mix them together for an even prettier highlight. 

I would describe the bronzer as a warm brown with orange undertones and the highlighter as peachy champagne. Refresh is definitely a bit more powdery then Peaches & Cream but I still think it works great. I could blend it rather easy and it stayed for a good amount of time on my face, but not as long as the blush did.

Refresh does have great pigmentation as you can see in the swatches below, it just didn't stay on my face the entire day, you definitely need to touch-up this powder throughout the day.

Highlighter / Bronzer / Mixed

The Osbournes collection is now available at MAC counters and online for an exclusive time only. So if you would love to have something from this collection don't hesitate too long and get yours while you can! I know a lot of the products are already sold-out online but maybe you can still find some of the items in store. The blush costs €22,50 (6g) and the Mineralize Skinfinish Duo €29,50 (10g). I think MAC did a great job doing a collab with Sharon and Kelly, I'm in love with the whole collection! Tomorrow I'll be reviewing some items from the Kelly Osbourne collection so stay tuned for that! :)

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