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MAC Kelly Osbourne Collection


Yesterday I started off by showing you guys the Sharon Osbourne items and today I wanted to post about her daughter's line, Kelly Osbourne. I think Kelly's makeup is more cool-toned then her mother's, a bit more daring and slightly younger. 

The items from Kelly's collection come in a gorgeous light purple packaging, again, with the signature on top. I think it's fun that Sharon's signature is this purple color and Kelly's signature is in her mother's red, if you know what I mean!

Cheeky Bugger is the blush from Kelly's line. The texture of Cheeky Bugger is not powdery but soft and smooth. It's not too pigmented so you can swirl your brush in this one without having to fear looking like a clown. 

Cheeky Bugger is described as a "peach brown with a satin finish". I would say it's a bubblegum pink with a beautiful satin finish. I wore this today on my little trip to France and it's still on cheeks looking good. That's more than 12 hours of wear!

I just love the name of this blush, Cheeky Bugger, sounds so posh and british! 

This collection comes with 4 lipsticks and I got Riot House. It's a matte formula, which means it's more drying then other lipsticks but therefor also long-lasting. When I first this one on, I didn't like how it looked on my lips. My lips were chapped (as you can see in the picture below) and this emphasized that even more. But after a good scrub and some lip butter it looked way better. It's still a bit dry and it tends to create lines when putting your lips together. It did feel super creamy and lasted for a good 4 hours on my lippies.

Riot House is described as a "light vivid orange". It's definitely a lighter coral, almost a nude. I think it's a beautiful color, but you definitely need to apply some lip balm underneath or top it of with a gloss, which, I know, isn't the purpose since it's supposed to be matte but I like it better that way.

Almost every item from this collection is sold out online but I think you can still score some of these in store. The blush retails for €22,50 (6g) and the lipstick for €19,50 (3g). You can read all about Sharon's collection here.

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