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H&M Eyeshadow Brush


Another thing I always forget to post about but that's actually really important, makeup brushes. They can make such a difference in any makeup routine and when I stumbled upon this one at H&M I got super excited. I fell in love with the look of this brush, a romantic cream rose gold and subtle pink. It also felt super soft and fluffy.

This brush is made from soft synthetic hairs. The "hairs" are rather long and for an eyeshadow brush, this one's quite big. Because of the softness of this brush, I wouldn't recommend using this one with lesser pigmented shadows, since it will pick up less product. It'll work great with those highly pigmented shimmery shades and brighter colors though. Personally, I love using this one as a brow-bone highlight brush, it's perfect for that! Or I also like to use this to apply an all-over lid color :)

Overall I'm really pleased with this eyeshadow brush from H&M! It doesn't loose any hairs, is super soft and I just like the quality in general. You can buy this brush in select H&M stores or online for €3,99.

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