Essence To Die For Quattro Eyeshadow

15 augustus 2014 | 8 comments

This quattro eyeshadow palette by Essence never really caught my eye in store. For me, it's one of those items I never consider buying, until I hear or read about it from other beauty-bloggers. I saw this palette pass by on other blogs several times and instantly put it on my wish-list. So a few weeks ago whilst shopping at Kruidvat I finally bought it!

The size of this palette is really nice. The round shape is something different and it's also super compact and perfect for throwing into your on-the-go makeup bag. There are 6 different Quattro eyeshadow palettes to choose from, some more neutral than others.

To Die For comes with 4 neutral colors. The first 3, and lightest shades, are shimmery, the last one is more silky with less shininess, almost matte. I like it when drugstore palettes offer less shimmery shades, it's something they don't add very often. The pigmentation is OKAY, not mind-blowing. I do think you can make a beautiful eye-look just using this little palette and I like the color-combination. Especially the second and third shade really surprised me, I loved how they looked on the eyes.

I do have to say that sometimes, just applying one layer isn't enough and you have to go back in with some more shadow to make it look intense. Besides that, I liked the way they applied (no fall-out) and how they lasted on my eyelids the entire day without creasing or fading away.

This palette is perfect for a natural eye look with 4 beautiful neutral shades. I did wish the pigmentation was a bit more intense but overall I'm really pleased with this little palette. The Quattro eyeshadow palettes by Essence are available at Kruidvat for €2,99 (5g), which is such a great deal!

8 opmerkingen

  1. Fijn productje voor die prijs! Hele mooie look heb je er mee gemaakt :)

  2. Heel erg mooi palette en een mooie look! Je hebt trouwens echt een hele mooie blog Eline; verzorgd, overzichtelijk en met hele mooie foto's!

    X Sara

  3. wauw! Ook de lipstick die je op hebt vind ik erg mooi! welke is dat?

    1. Dankje! Het is Snob van MAC, één van mijn favorieten :)

  4. Wat een mooie kleuren, goede pigmentatie ook! Prachtige foto's meid <3