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All About: MAC


I decided to start a new series on my blog called "All About". In these posts I'll be picking a brand, showing you everything I own from them and telling you a little bit about the brand. I'll be giving tips, showing you my favorite and least favorite items et cetera. I decided to kick off with MAC, since it is one of my favorite high-end brands and I do own a lot of their products. A lot of time and effort went into making this post so I hope you find it helpful and I hope you enjoy this new series!


In Mac's concealers and foundations, you have NC and NW. NC is short for 'neutral cold' and NW for 'neutral warm'. Personally, I have a warm undertone so what I like to do is this: for foundation, I like to neutralize my skin-tone by using a cool-toned foundation, NC. For concealer, since the under-eye area is darker, I don't have to neutralize it, I just use a matching warm-toned concealer. 



I always buy my single eyeshadows in the pan, so I can put them in my palettes. That way they're less expensive (although you need to purchase an empty palette) and they take up less space in my drawer.

Overall, I think Mac makes amazing products. Their stand-out products are definitely their blushes and lipsticks, although they do have some amazing eyeshadows as well. Let me know if I should do more posts like this!

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