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NYX Love In Paris Eyeshadow Palette in Parisian Chic


There haven’t been a lot of products from NYX that have disappointed me and this eye shadow palette is no exception! I got this a while ago whilst I was in the US and I was shopping at Target. The packaging definitely attracted me with the cute little bow and of course the neutral and shimmery shades are totally my thing. I used this little palette for the first time yesterday and I was so impressed with the quality of these shadows!

Being a huge sucker for packaging, I couldn’t pass this one up. I love the simple black design and the adorable bow. It doesn’t feel nor look cheap and I just really like it! There are 9 colors in this palette, each with 0,8g of shadow. It also comes with a dual-ended applicator, which I personally never use but it could come in handy for touch-ups on the go.

The Parisian Chic palette is perfect for an all-day natural look or you could even make a beautiful evening-look with this. It has brown-greyish shades, one more shimmery then the other and two beautiful highlight shades. They don’t have the most amazing pigmentation ever but I like the way these shadows look on the eye. You can easily build them up to a more intense/dramatic look. The shadows from this palette stayed on my eyelids the entire day, without loosing their intensity. Upon application I didn’t experience any fall-out and throughout the day either. 

The Parisian Chic palette is part of the Love in Paris palette-collection. There are 12 different palettes in this collection and Parisian Chic is one of them, the more neutral one. In the US you can get this palette at drugstores or online for $10. Here in our region you can order it online here for €11,99.

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