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NYX Fun Size Butter Lipstick


NYX came out with new butter lipsticks not so long ago, as an addition to their famous and oh-so-popular butter glosses. I loved their butter glosses and own quite a few of them so I was really excited to try these out. There are 19 shades available and I got one of them called Fun Size.

The packaging looks and feels a bit cheap, I wish they would’ve done something different. I do like the design, it just doesn’t feel that sturdy.

The butter lipsticks are somewhere in between a regular lipstick and a lip butter. They have good pigmentation and color pay-off and they make my lips feel soft and smooth. Fun Size is a pinkish nude shade, perfect for everyday wear and it goes with any makeup look. One thing I did notice is that you can’t go overboard with this color, otherwise it will wipe out your lips, making you look like a zombie. So a little goes a long way. They apply and feel like butter and the formula is moisturizing. You do have to reapply them quite often but I don’t really mind that. It has a subtle scent, but nothing like the butter glosses.

Uuugh I hate when this happens! So right after I swatched it on my lips, it broke! And now it won’t go back down that easy and it has just become a mess! Not a good job on the packaging NYX!!

Besides from the packaging, I quite like these butter lipsticks. I’m not fully sold as I was on their butter glosses but overall these are great! They apply super smooth and buttery, the texture is soft and they hydrate the lips pretty well. The only downside was their lasting power and the fact that it tends to get into fine lines on the lips. You can get the butter lipsticks on cherryculture.com and they retail for $6 (4,5g).

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