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My Bath & Body Works Candles Collection


I'm one of those persons that burns candles all day long, whenever I'm home. It doesn't have to be dark outside, I just like to cosy up my room every hour of the day and burn a candle. And oooh my goodness, Bath & Body Works candles are my favorite ones ever! I can’t get over how amazing they smell and their quality is superb. Every time I go to the US, which is about once a year, I buy a few of them and it has accumulated to a pretty big stash, so I thought I would show you guys all my candles. Their 3-wick candles last me so long, a few months actually. The scent is quite strong, I can’t burn them when my room-door is closed because it’s too overwhelming, that’s how good they are. The design on their stickers is also super cute and I’m just in love with all their candles :) They also have their mini’s which are super cute! The only thing is, I want to save them so I don’t want to burn them but then again, that’s really stupid isn’t it? They also have mason jar candles which are pretty amazing as well!

My favorites definitely are: Mahogany Teakwood (smells like the Abercrombie & Fitch perfume), London Calling and Winter Candy Apple. If you know someone who is going to the US, or you are going yourself, you should most definitely stop by a Bath & Body Works store and smell all the amazingness!

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