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Maybelline Master Glaze Blush Sticks


On my last trip to the US I found these newish blush sticks by Maybelline and thought they looked really cool so I bought two of them to try them out. And now I finally found some time to share my thoughts on these with you! These blush sticks are available in 6 different shades, all sheer and shimmery.

The packaging is small and compact; it fits into my makeup bag perfectly. It doesn’t feel cheap, nor does it feel super luxurious, just in between. These blush sticks are twistable at the bottom and contain 6,8g of product. In my opinion, there’s not a lot of product in each blush stick, considering you apply these quite generously on your cheekbones.

Pink Fever is a medium toned shimmery fuchsia pink. It’s super sheer once blended out on the cheeks, so it’s very subtle and natural looking. I applied these by putting two large lines on each of my cheekbones and then blending it out with my stippling brush which was super easy and that way you don’t have to get your hands dirty.

Coral Sheen is a coral/orange shade, also sheer and shimmery.

These blushes don’t feel sticky; they blend smoothly and stayed on my cheeks the entire day. They don’t have the most intense color but that’s not what they promised either, they’re sheer and shimmery and they add a nice dewy glow to the face. The scent is not noticeable once it’s applied on the cheeks, which is definitely a must. I really like these!

The Master Glaze blush sticks are not available in our country (yet), but I do hope Maybelline will release these here in our drugstores soon! They retail for about $8,99 each (6,8g).

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