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Kiko Exotic Shine Lipstick


I used to not like Kiko one bit but now that I’ve tried more of their products I start to really love this brand! Kiko seems to have amazing products that are super budget-friendly. They always come out with fun limited edition collections and when I last walked in one of their stores in Italy I saw this collection called Life In Rio. It’s inspired by bright and vibrant colors and the packaging is to die for. They had these Exotic Shine lipsticks in this collection and I immediately fell in love with this one, Hearty Rose.

Let’s start off with packaging: a luxurious gold. It looks so expensive and I wouldn’t be surprised if YSL or some other high-end brand came out with similar packaging. There are 6 different lipsticks available and they’re supposed to be creamy, shiny, intense and hydrating. That’s quite a lot of claims so I was super curious about this baby!

Hearty Rose is a dark nudish pink with a shiny finish. It’s very noticeable yet natural looking. The formula is buttery and feels so comfortable on the lips. The intensity is also really good, there’s quite a lot of color pay-off. These exotic shine lipsticks don’t really smell of anything and they stay on the lips for hours without drying them out.

This one does everything as promised: creamy, shiny, hydrating and intense color pay-off. If you walk into a Kiko store definitely check out this collection, it’s so fun and colorful! The Exotic Shine lipsticks originally cost €8,50 (3g) but I saw on their website that they’re on sale for only €5,90 so now is the time to get your hands on one of these, they’re so worth it. 

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