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Essence Wave Goddess Tinted Lip Balm in Loose Your Heart On The Board


I was walking in my local drugstore the other day when I saw Essence had come out with a new trend edition called Wave Goddess. It looked really fun and summery and it definitely caught my eye. In this collection you can find anything from a beach hair spray to a blush tint and even a highlighter. But since I’m trying to cut down on my beauty shopping (I seriously have way too much) I decided to choose only one item and I went for one of the two tinted lip balms. Sooo let’s dive into it ;)

Packaging-wise, these tinted lip balms look exactly the same as the ones from their permanent line, except there’s written ‘Wave Goddess’ on the front. I say this with almost all their trend editions lately, but I think they could’ve done more on the packaging instead of just putting the name of this collection in some sort of special font on the products.

In real life “Loose Your Heart On The Board” is a lot darker then in this picture

There are 2 tinted lip balms in this collection and I went for the darkest one. The other one (“Life Is Better When You Surf”) didn’t have that much color pay-off. One thing I did notice is that when you swatch these, It looks like they have almost no color pay-off but once I applied it to my lips it looked way more intense.

Loose Your Heart On The Board is a sheer fuchsia pink, almost neon. In the pictures below it looks a bit lighter then in real life though. I like how these smell, very fruity and sweet and they apply smoothly and do a great job at moisturizing. You do need to reapply these every hour or so. 

I think these are ideal to throw into your beach bag, they’re moisturizing, they add a nice tint to the lips and they’re really compact! The only thing I’m missing with these is some SPF, especially in a tinted lip balm! The Wave Goddess trend edition is available from July till August and sold at Kruidvat. The Wave Goddess tinted lip balm costs €2,19 and for that you get 1,9g.

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