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E.l.f. Blush Palette


Any makeup look isn’t complete until you add some color on those cheekies. That’s why blush has been my favorite makeup item to buy for a long time now. I think it makes such a difference and can make you look more awake and healthy. I have tried so many different varieties: cream blush, powder blush, stick blush,… But one thing I didn’t really own before is a blush palette. I always buy mine separately for some reason but a blush palette is such a great addition to my collection! I’ve seen this blush palette by E.l.f. pass by on a few blogs and now I’m so happy I can finally try it out myself.

E.l.f. came out with 2 different blush palettes recently, one in Light and a Dark one. I got the lightest one since I like my blushes to look natural. This palette comes in a large black case with a huge mirror inside. I love this packaging, simple, handy and chic. The one thing that’s super cool about this palette is that you can click out the blushes individually. That way you can make your own unique palette or you can travel with your favorite shade from this palette without bringing the entire palette with you. This is such a clever idea!

Light has 4 gorgeous shades, all pink and peachy toned. There are 3 matte shades and one shimmery shade (the last one). I was so impressed by the quality of the swatches, super pretty and pigmented. That's why I would recommend using a light hand when applying these blushes and adding more color if desired.

My favorite one is the first one, top left. It's such a pretty light pink that adds the nicest healthy look to my face. It stayed on my cheekbones the entire day without fading. I couldn't stop looking at my cheeks the day I wore this one, so in love!

This blush palette is available on the EyesLipsFace website for only €6,80 and for that you get 4g of product. If you're a beginner or you just can never have to much blushes I would seriously recommend this palette! You get 4 gorgeous shades, it's budget-friendly, the quality is nice and this will last you a super long time.

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