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Back To School Haul ♡ (Action & Hema)


I know it may be a bit early for back to school posts but I saw all this new stuff in stores and I couldn’t contain my excitement. Call me a nerd, but I actually like going to classes. I see some of my friends in class, I get to feel productive (even though we don’t always pay attention ;)) and I like learning new things everyday. I don’t like doing homework or finals but going to classes, I actually love that. And of course, back to school shopping is also one of my favorite things to do at the beginning of a new school year because every excuse is good enough to shop! I went to Action and Hema and found some cute stuff that I wanted to share with you. They’re not all really school related but I thought you would want to see it anyway maybe.

I got a few things to do some DIY’s that I have in mind; maybe I’ll do a post about some of the items I’ll make. I also got two make-up products I really wanted to try, I’m so curious about them since they were ridiculously inexpensive. Apart from that I got a few random things and at Hema I bought my planner, which I’m totally in love with!!

Lantern €2,99
Max + More eyeshadow palette €0,79
Max + More blusher €0,99
Podge Glue (don’t have the price)
Markers (don’t have the price)
Breakfast box €1,49
Paperclips €0,89
Neon post-its €0,59
Hema planner (don’t have the price)

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