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Italian Beauty Haul


As I told you in my previous post, I went on vacation to Italy. I got back 2 days ago and I had an amazing time, really needed that little break. We went to Lake Garda for the second time and visited Milan for a day. Of course, I had to do a little but of shopping. I bought a few clothing items as well, but in this post I will be showing you all the beauty-related goodies. There was a Sephora in Milan so took advantage of this opportunity to buy some of the Sephora X formula nail polishes everybody is raving about. There was also a Muji so I bought a little storage container for my makeup and had 20% off! I bought a few makeup items from Pupa and Kiko, finally decided to buy the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Serum and as a little treat for myself I bought me a few macaroons from La Durée. The last thing I bought that was beauty related is a Hawaiian Tropic after sun, which I am totally loving! There will be some reviews coming up very soon about a few of these products, so stay tuned for that :)


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