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MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection


Hi loves! MAC came out with their new collection called Alluring Aquatic. This collection has some eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks,… in the most amazing packaging ever! Not only are some of the products extra dimension, the packaging is too. It has all these waterdrops on it. At first I thought it was just a plain design, but you can actually feel the waterdrops on the makeup, so cool!

Sea Me, Hear Me
The blush I got is called Sea Me, Hear Me. It’s a beige/pink with coral undertones. It has a satin finish and the texture is fine and not too powdery. This blush has good pigmentation, nothing too crazy and buildable at the same time. It’s an extra dimension blush with a wonderful design and relief.

The lipstick is called Mystical. It’s a creamsheen that I would describe as a medium to dark pink. I found this color to be really special and definitely something new, a color I didn’t own before for sure.  It has a ceamy and shiny finish, didn’t dry my lips out at all and it wore on my lips fora bout 3-4 hours. I’m really happy with this lipstick :)

The MAC Alluring Aquatic collection is now available at MAC counters and online. The blush retails for €25 (6,5g) and the lipstick for €20,50 (3g).

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