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Gosh Crispy Lips Lip Lacquer


When I first saw these new lip lacquers from Gosh, I thought they were some sort of nail polishes. But then I looked closer and saw that these were actually supposed to go onto your lips! They are manicures for the lips with the color and intensity of a lipstick but the shininess of a gloss. I was so intrigued by this product that I had to try one out. 

The new Gosh lip lacquers come in cute little pots that look like nail polishes. They have dough-foot applicators and the packaging is super tiny and compact, perfect to throw in your purse. These lip lacquers contain 4 ml of product and come in 7 different shades.

Crispy Lips is a bright Barbie pink. I bought this shade because it was the one that appealed to me the most, it was also the most spring-ish color from this range. The pigmentation of Crispy Lips is amazing, very intense. You can apply a sheer and more subtle layer if preferred but you can also build it up to a more intense and dramatic look. I like it somewhere in between. These lip lacquers didn't dry my lips out at all and stay in place for hours but unfortunately they didn't survive dinner. It also has a strong watermelon scent but it fades away after a few minutes on the lips.

These new lip lacquers from Gosh are fun and adorable and definitely worth checking out if you happen to pass by a Gosh stand. They cost €8,49 each and are available at select Kruidvat stores.

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