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Essence Viva Brasil I ♡ Brasil Blush


Essence came out with their new Trend Edition, Viva Brasil. This collection is inspired by salsa and samba and includes lots of tropical and flashy colors. You can find eyeshadows in this collection, blushes, lip balms, nail polishes,… all with the same warm shades (yellow, bleu, green, purple,…). Since I’m more of a nude/neutrals kind of girl, you can imagine there weren’t a lot of items from this collection on my wishlisht. I did find a pretty amazing blush that I’m about to show you in this post : )

I Brasil is the lightest of the two blushes in this collection. It’s a matte vintage pink and the color pay-off is amazing! You really have to dab off the access because otherwise you’ll look like a clown. There’s a cool pattern on this blush, with ‘Rio De Janeiro’ written all over it. After using it a couple of times, the letters are still there!

Essence Viva Brazil trend edition is now available at Kruidvat until June. The I Brazil blush costs €2,59 and contains 5g of product.

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