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Clinique Cheek Pops!


Clinique came out with the cutest blushes ever! They’re called Cheek Pops and they’re shaped like little flowers. I never tried any makeup items from Clinique and the Cheek Pops were the perfect opportunity. I simply had to review these cheerful blushes. They look so adorable, don’t you think?

The Cheek Pops are part of the Spring collection from Clinique. I got two of the 4 available shades, Peach Pop and Plum Pop. They got the pattern perfect if you ask me, they look adorable and fun. At first I was a bit afraid to use these because I didn’t want the pattern to disappear, but so far, it’s still there!

Clinique sells these blushes online exclusivly and they cost €24,85 (3,5g). I know they’re on the pricey side but they’re definitely worth the splurge.

Peach Pop 

Peach Pop is a warm pink/coral. It’s not really shimmery but it does have a subtle sheen.

Plum Pop

Plum Pop is a cooler toned plum/pink. Again, it has a satin finish, so not really shimmery but not matte either.

The texture and formula of these blushes has won me over. I can honestly say that these blushes are some of my favorite blushes I own and they’re the perfect addition to my collection. They’re super soft and easily blendable. The color pigmentation is just extraordinary, not too heavy and not too light. Just the perfect pop of color. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think they make my skin look more healthy and even. They also have an amazing lasting powder and as it is with all products from Clinique, they’re allergy tested and 100% fragrance free.

Peach Pop / Plum Pop

The swatches are so pigmented and gorgeous!

Peach Pop 
Plum Pop

The Cheek Pops have everything I want in a blush: amazing formula and cute packaging! They’re available online here for €24,85 (3,5g).

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