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Angel By MAC


Angel by MAC is one of those classic lipsticks that aren’t a bad thing to add to your collection. Although it is one of my favorite lipstick colors from MAC so far, it isn’t my fave formula (frost). I prefer their lustre and satin finishes over this one. Frosts tend to have a metallic, frosty finish that I’m not really fond of, although with Angel it’s less noticeable.

The packaging is a classic MAC lipstick tube with the shape of a bullet. I like their design, it’s just hard to know which one is which shade since they all have the same packaging and there’s no indication to the name (except of you put them upside down). Angel has the typical MAC-vanilla scent. MAC lipsticks all smell the same but they don’t taste.

Angel is a light-medium light pink with very subtle hints of micro-shimmer, giving it the frosty-like finish. I would say Angel is somewhere between ‘Snob’ and ‘Crème Cup’. On my skin tone it looks OK but I can imagine it looking less flattering on very tan skin tones. So keep that in mind and try it out in store first. I wouldn’t recommend a frost if you have chapped lips, because it tends to look a bit bumpy on those dryer areas. Angel wears about 3 hours on my lips and after that the color starts fading away slowly. Oh and fun fact: Angel is one of Kim Kardashian’s favorite lipsticks, I can imagine why :)

Angel is part of MAC’s permanent line, available in stores and online for €18,50 (3g).

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