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L'Oréal Nouvelle Vague


After trying Pistachio Dragee from the new Les Blancs collection by L'oréal, I wanted to try the purple one called Nouvelle Vague as well. I was debating wether or not I should get this one or the pistache one the first time, but since I loved Pistachio Dragee so much, I went back and got the purple one as well. Nouvelle Vague is a pastel light purple and it's absolutely gorgeous! It has the same qualities as Pistachio Dragee and lasted me a couple of days. Despite that these bottles are very small, I love how L'oréal made them very affordable. And besides, do you finish a whole bottle of nail polish? I know I don't!

Les Blancs collection is now available at the drugstore for €5,99 (5ml).


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