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Hard Candy So Baked Tiki Bronzer


I never thought much of highlighters. I saw them as an unnecessary extra step in my makeup routine that would take up more time and space. It's not until recently that I started appreciating the value of a highlight. A gorgeous highlight can make such a difference, it makes you look more healthy and glowy. One of my favorite youtubers uses this one by Hard Candy so I bought it last time I was in the States. 

The So Baked Bronzers by Hard Candy have the most amazing packaging, I always love the design of their products! Tiki is described as a bronzer but I think it's the perfect highlighting powder. It's a fine powder and it's not too chalky. The shade is a light champagne shimmer. I think this looks so good on my skin, very natural and dewy. It doesn't make my skin look greasy, but just healthy.

I love how they also love their animal friends :)

As you can tell by the swatch, it's not too glittery, there are no chunks of glitter but fine, micro shimmer.

I'm so happy with my Hard Candy Tiki bronzer, it's stunning yet subtle! Hard Candy is exclusively available at Walmart and their bronzers cost $9 (12,5g!!).

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