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Gosh Forever Eyeshadow Stick


Eyeshadow sticks can be so practical and compact and most of the time I enjoy using them. When I was shopping a few weeks ago, I came across these ones by Gosh and thought I would give one a try. It promises me a creamy and velvety soft shadow that doesn't rub off and is waterproof and long-wearing. That sounds promising, right? Everything I need in an eyeshadow, so I took this one home with me.

The Gosh Forever Eyeshadow Sticks come in 8 different shades and are part of their Spring/Summer collection. All the colors are so beautiful, it wasn't easy choosing one. These sticks are twistable at the bottom so no need to sharpen them which is great! I also like the design of the packaging, elegant and simple.

They also came out with lip lacquers which will be online very soon!

I chose the shade Silver Rose which is a natural shadow with a gorgeous shimmer. I love this color so much, unfortunately it creased on me big time! After two hours it started to look all gross and it creased even with an eyeshadow primer underneath. It didn't last on me for that long and I was sooo disappointed. Then I thought maybe it was because I had oily eyelids and I asked my mom to try it. But even she said these aren't great. It doesn't dry on the lids, it stays a bit sticky and it applied unevenly. Maybe as a regular eyeliner these would work but as an all-over eyelid shadow, they didn't!

I was quite disappointed with the quality of these shadow sticks, although I am in love with the color! The Gosh Forever Eyeshadow Sticks are available at the drugstore for €9,79 (1,5g) each.

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